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100% carbon-neutral. FREE eco delivery of physical items to most countries. Price excludes destination country customs/other charges, if applicable. View our Shipping Policy for more details. Discount codes are available in our Promotions page. 15% to 50% of gross profit from the sale of our featured products go to a charitable or similar cause. Make a difference today with your order.

Step 1: Place your order.

Step 2: Submit the book's details within 24 hours of placing your order using the following link:  BREW Platinum Promotion Details Form

Step 3: Complete the following form at your convenience: Author’s Profile + Interview + Book Post.

Note: We are NOT a press release (PR) submission or distribution site. We merely facilitate the process for your PR to reach as many sites as possible for your particular package. We also have other media/PR packages available. Please refer to The Chrysalis BREW Project's main website (Platinum Promotion ( or email for more details.