Let us make a difference.




Can profit and purpose go together?

We here at Store with a Heart think they can. We are starting small but dreaming big in making a difference with every gift at a time.

Here are some of what we currently offer as well as our future plans:


Every gift you buy from our store does not only come with free shipping to almost anywhere in the world. We do not only ensure that your chosen gift takes the shortest route from its origin to final destination. Well, your gift is even good for the environment because we ensure that its delivery's carbon emissions are offset, at no extra cost to you at all.

How does it work?

Well, when you buy a gift, our expert partner Offset calculates the amount of carbon that will be emitted when your package is shipped from its place of origin to your preferred delivery address. We then pay to make sure that enough sustainable practices are done to compensate or offset those emissions. Thus, ultimately, your gift's delivery incurs a net carbon emission that makes our planet happier.

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Yes. You read it right. Every purchase you make is carbon neutral. It means that we are offsetting the carbon footprint of your order at no extra cost to you.

Yes, again. We are helping you help in making our world a better place with your earth-friendlier order. 

This is how it works:

1. When you place your order, our partner EcoCart will calculate the total carbon emissions for the production up to delivery of your items.

2. When you pay for your order, we will then pay to offset your order's total carbon emissions.

3. EcoCart will then use the funds we pay to fund a project that help provide solar cookers to refugees in Africa. Thus, you are helping to eliminate the need for them to cut trees for use on wood-burning ovens.

Easy! Yet still difference-making! 

Learn more about the Chad Solar Project here.

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In our online store, we have a carefully-curated range of thoughtful products suitable to all budgets and circumstances. Aside from that, we also take the time to search for and offer you fairtrade and organic products that are deemed ethical and eco-friendly, too.

We believe that we still could expand our existing range of these products. Thus, we're looking for more gifts to offer that are good for you, others, our planet and future generations, too.

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While there has been slow but steady progress over the past thirty years, there is still a tremendous number of people around the world who have been living in extreme poverty. 795 million people do not have enough to eat, 767 million people live on $1.90 a day or less, and 6 children die each minute from a hunger-related disease. Even in the United States - the largest economy in our world - 1 in 6 people don't have enough food to eat.

We cannot say we can help everyone, but we believe we can do our part to help someone. Thus, we have partnered with Pledgeling Foundation in helping provide meals to those who are in need. We donate 5% of the gross sales (or 15% to 30% of gross profits) from our featured products to the cause.

Learn more about the impact of what we have done so far here.


Did you know that 65.3 million people have been driven out of their homes?

We knew there are those are in worst stead than ourselves. However, it was only more recently that we really realized the extent of this problem.

We've been extremely humbled and inspired when two young entrepreneurs of MxA Canvas - Anisha Haque (17) and Mariette Reblora (18) - personally approached us, asking for help in promoting their business and their mission to help the homeless. Their initial intentions included utilizing their amazing creativity and efforts in turning op-shop finds into hand-painted artistic clothing staples to be given for free to the homeless. They still sustain that goal but with a different medium this time around due to the pandemic. 

Make a donation as well as view and purchase products with this duo's visually-appealing artwork here.


We are also looking for ways to partner with more like-minded individuals and institutions to bring about the good change that matters. Our existing income-generating, difference-making offerings include our Affiliate Program for passive and active affiliates, fundraisers for charities and organisations for a causepartnering with other small businesses, and providing passive income opportunities for artists.

As we are a proud Adelaide-based Australian business, we are first focussing our efforts locally. However, we globally-source our products for them to take the shortest route from point of origin to destination in almost anywhere in the world. We are also open to and have already commenced partnerships with people and entities overseas, an example of which is MxA Canvas' Art for the Homeless as earlier mentioned above. Around 5% to 20% of gross revenue (or 15% to 50% of gross profits) for every gift already either goes to benefit a charity or a similar nobler purpose.


For the Homeless

Support Local

Fighting Cancer

All About Faith

For Others and Our Planet


Make a Difference


Yes. We have already been reaching out and making small yet heartfelt contributions in one way or another.  

However, there are more that could still be done.

Yes again. Together, we can. Let's do this!