Making a difference with every gift


Redefining Commerce: Store with a Heart's Global Impact

At Store with a Heart, we transcend mere online commerce, evolving into a global movement with a dual focus: infusing joy into every purchase while creating a positive impact on the world. Based in Adelaide, our multi-award-winning online store's mission extends beyond conventional business practices, aiming to reshape social entrepreneurship by seamlessly blending quality products with a profound sense of purpose.

Addressing Critical Issues: Hunger and Sustainability

We tackle pressing global issues head-on, with a particular emphasis on hunger and sustainability. Partnering with Pledge, our journey to combat world hunger commences with every purchase of a featured product. A portion of each sale directly contributes to feeding those in need, empowering our customers to make a tangible difference with every transaction. More information about our efforts towards sustainability, including those in achieving the 17 UN Sustainability Goals can be found here.


Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to making a difference extends to environmental sustainability. We proudly offer 100% zero-emission shipping worldwide at no additional cost to our customers. Collaborating with EcoCart, each purchase, from production to delivery, is carbon-neutral, reinforcing our dedication to a greener planet and sustainable future.

Catalyst for Change: More Than Just Business

Store with a Heart is not merely a business entity; it serves as a catalyst for transformative change. Our innovative practices redefine the landscape of online shopping by prioritizing giving back to society over chasing profits. Every gift presents an opportunity to effect meaningful change—not only for the recipient but also for our shared world and future generations.


Universal Kindness Awards: Recognizing Acts of Compassion

We proudly sponsor the Universal Kindness Awards, celebrating individuals and organizations that exemplify kindness in action. Through this initiative, we aim to spotlight and honor those who embody the spirit of compassion, inspiring others to follow suit and make kindness a universal language.

Ukindness Magazine: Amplifying Stories of Empathy and Generosity

In collaboration with Ukindness Magazine, we amplify stories of empathy and generosity from around the world. Through thought-provoking articles and inspiring features, we showcase the transformative power of kindness in fostering connections, building communities, and creating positive change. Join us in spreading kindness one story at a time.


Join the Journey: Building a Better Tomorrow Together

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Through every lovingly chosen gift, we collectively contribute to building a better tomorrow. Explore our Making a Difference page to uncover the impactful contributions we make, and become part of something more profound than a mere transaction. Store with a Heart is here to spread joy and create a positive ripple effect—one gift at a time.

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