About Us

Store with a Heart is all set to make a mark in the Australian online marketplace by not only spreading joy through a range of quality products but also in making the world a better place one gift at a time. We have just started this by contributing to two of the most significant causes of the contemporary world – hunger and sustainability. We also look forward to working with you and more like-minded individuals, businesses, and other organisations on causes that bring about the good change that matters.

Our mission is primarily to make a difference with every gift. We aim to revolutionise the traditional social entrepreneurship definition by working towards enriching humanity and the environment while ensuring excellence in service and performance and absolute value for money.

Headquartered in Adelaide, we operate across the globe and offer a wide variety of gifts ranging from clothing to flowers, home appliances to gift cards, collectibles to electronic gadgets. In partnership with Pledge whose purpose is to empower impact by connecting brands and consumers to a cause, we allow shoppers to help end world hunger by buying our featured products while we donate a portion of each purchase to feeding the hungry. When you buy a featured product, we will donate a portion of the sales proceeds to help those who are in need via Pledge.

Along with facilitating the abolition of world hunger, Store with a Heart also aims at improving sustainability. We offer 100% environment-friendly zero-emission shipping to almost anywhere in the world, free of cost. The items sold on our website also include but are not limited to organic and ethical gifts which add to ecological balance. Further, we have recently partnered with EcoCart in making your every purchase fully carbon-neutral (from its production to delivery), also at no extra cost to you. Check out our Sustainability page for more details.

The idea of fostering innovative practices in the online shopping platform led to the inception of Store with a Heart. We are not just a profit-making enterprise, but we also want to give back to the society in one way or another. With every gift, we provide our customers with an avenue to make a difference by not only gifting recipients but also to our planet, the rest of us, and future generations. Read our Making a Difference page to know more about what we collectively do.

Together, and with every loving gift, we can do this.