Do you have a charity or non-profit organization looking for ways to generate funds for your cause?

Is your organisation a charity?

Is it for a purpose?

Are you a school, team, group or any other organisation who needs a bit of help in generating funds?

We've got an answer for you!

Join the Store with a Heart Affiliate Program!

Well, we currently have two types of affiliates:

1. Passive affiliates - They are usually registered charities or non-profits that Store with a Heart has chosen to donate funds to. Whereas they are encouraged to promote their special store affiliate links or codes, they are not required to do so. Store with a Heart includes the links or codes in our posts across our website and social media pages. They get a minimum of 5% of the gross sales or 15% to 50% of the gross profits from products sold using their affiliate links or codes. Payouts are remitted in the form of donations through their organisation's website donations portal.

For transparency purposes, these organisations are given a Store with a Heart Affiliate Program account access so they could view or verify their respective account, traffic, sales, and commissions information.

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2. Active affiliates - They are individuals or organisations who wish to generate more funds either as passive personal income or to fund a charitable, social cause that they support or represent. They are encouraged to promote their special store affiliate links or codes; in return, they have the potential to gain more commissions as they obtain more referrals and usages of their links or codes. 

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Together, we can make a difference.