Give Love: MxA Canvas' "Art for the Homeless" Gift Collection

MxA Canvas is a small business partnership between youngsters, Mariette Reblora (18) and Anisha Haque (17).

They are on a mission to help as they vowed to distribute free clothing as well as support charitable causes to address homelessness.

Get a 10% discount when you use the code MXACANVAS on checkout. Refer to our Promotions page for other available discount codes.

Make a difference today, too. A portion of sales from your purchased gift goes to support MxA Canvas and their noble goal to our least fortunate brothers and sisters.

Read more about their story here.

Here's their recently-launched website. 

Here's the link to MxA Canvas' Instagram profile.

Together, we can.


Note that, regardless of whether or not you use the above discount code, 5% of the gross sales (or a minimum of 15% of gross profit) from this collection still goes to help feed the hungry through Pledgeling Foundation. Here's more information on what we have done so far.

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