Further Information for Sellers

You've taken your first step in taking your business to further heights and in making a difference while doing so.

Thus, congratulations again!

Now, you might be having further questions. Right?

So, here are further information that you may find helpful in our journey together.

A. What's in it for us? Why are we doing this for you?

* Store with a Heart is not just a business. We primarily exist for our customers, and we aim to make a difference one gift at a time.
* We are a proud South Australian business. We are looking forward to give back locally. Nonetheless, we source products and provide our service globally as well as welcome partnerships with other like-minded individuals and organisations anywhere in the world.
* We are in tough times. We believe that we couldn't help every one, but we can take steps to help someone. If you need our help, we'd be glad to do that for you.

B. Here are the advantages of signing up with us:

1. You'd be working with an award-winning gift store, which is dedicated to make a difference one gift at a time.

Know more about us here.

Read more about what we do here.

Read about a sample of what we have done so far here.

2. We have a wide range of safe and secure payment options to suit customer needs and circumstances. We even provide access to buy now and pay later options via Afterpay and Zip.

3. You don't need to have to own, maintain, and pay for a website to get your products online. We will sort out the nitty-gritty and do the hard work for you; you only need to give us your products' images, price/cost details, description/specifications, and other relevant information needed for us to publish.

4. We encourage you to continue promoting your products. Although you are encouraged to promote your products, we take care of promotion and marketing of your products for you through our website, news and media channels, or social media sites (whichever is possible or applicable) at no cost to you. 

Update your account with your social media profile or site information here.

5. We will publish up to 10 of your products on our website for free.

6. You now instantly have the privilege to be one of our Store with a Heart affiliates for free as well. As an affiliate, you will be having additional opportunities to earn commissions from each sale that you refer regardless of whether the product is using yours or not.

Learn more about the perks of being an affiliate here. 

C. Here are the steps we need to take from here onwards:

a. You: Upload your product files and provide other relevant product information.

Important: Read the terms and conditions of this program before you upload any file or information.

b. Store with a Heart: We will publish your products on our website.

c. You: Ensure your products' quality, availability, inventory, taxes, legal obligations, and all the normal business stuff that you are required to do. Refer to other details specified on the program details here.

d. Store with a Heart: We will inform you whenever there is an order placed for your product. We will send you the full retail price plus handling/shipping costs for the product ordered.

Note: Prices should be good for at least 30 days, unless you advise us through info@storewithaheart.com about any changes.

e. You: Receive the payment for the order from us. Our preferred mode of payment is through Paypal.

Provide your Paypal email address through the Affiliate Portal.

f. You: Once you've received the payment from us, pack and ship the product within 2 business days from order date. Ensure that the product is amply, properly packed to avoid any damage while in transit.

g. You: Email the tracking number for the shipment of the product to info@storewithaheart.com with the Order Number as the subject.

h. Store with a Heart: We will be the first point of contact for customer-related enquiries about your product. We will contact you for further details, if and as necessary.

i. You: Respond to or act on any customer-related enquiry that we refer to you.

j. You: Adhere to the other terms and conditions specified in our agreement document.


If you've got questions, feel free to contact us.

Together, we can make a difference.