8 Successful Partnerships that Advanced Our Altruistic Goals and Why They Worked

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8 Successful Partnerships that Advanced Our Altruistic Goals and Why They Worked

In the spirit of collective impact, we've gathered insights from Founders and CEOs to share their experiences with partnerships that have propelled their philanthropic efforts forward. From preventing suicide through collaborative impact to empowering entrepreneurs with digital solutions, explore the diverse strategies behind these eight successful alliances.

Preventing Suicide with Collaborative Impact

One of the most successful collaborations we've had at Stay Here is with The 40, a collective group of nonprofits, companies, and individuals committed to preventing suicide and promoting mental health. This partnership has had a significant impact, helping us document the prevention of over 12,000 suicide plans annually.

With The 40, we pool resources and expertise to create impactful campaigns and events. For example, our suicide prevention training, offered in collaboration with various members, has empowered communities to recognize and respond to signs of mental distress. The program's success can be seen in the increased engagement and positive feedback from participants, as well as the direct lives saved through these proactive measures.

Our collaborative efforts extend to producing accessible mental health resources, such as the free month of counseling services we offer through BetterHelp. This initiative, supported financially by The 40, has made it possible for people from underserved communities to receive professional mental health support without the burden of cost. By leveraging such partnerships, we've amplified our outreach and effectiveness in mental health advocacy.

Jacob Coyne, Founder, Stay Here

Supporting Cancer-Affected Families through Partnership

We run a mental health practice in Austin, Texas, called Just Mind Counseling, with about 50 therapists working with us. Twelve years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and it really rattled my whole family, as we are all really close and were, of course, worried for my dad. It was a hard time, but luckily he survived treatment and is still here with us today. 

The experience left me wondering how we could do more to support others going through similar hardships. I started looking for ways to partner with the Livestrong Foundation when I met Mark Garza, founder of the Flatwater Foundation. 

Flatwater allows those affected by cancer to get mental health support for free. It was such a gift for us to give back and support families in need. Partnering with Flatwater has allowed us to provide support before, during, and after a loss to help families and individuals remain supported through hardship. This has been such a rewarding partnership for us and for our clients.

William Schroeder, Co-Owner, Just Mind Counseling

Advancing Environmental Goals with CATF

One of Fuel Logic's most significant partnerships, which has gone a long way toward achieving our altruistic objectives, is our partnership with the Clean Air Task Force (CATF). CATF is focused on reducing GHG emissions and advancing cleaner energy solutions in the transportation industry. This partnership aligns perfectly with our environmental stewardship goals.

Our work with CATF has led to several changes, including replacing our fleet with more fuel-efficient vehicles and integrating low-emission diesel alternatives. These changes have reduced our CO2 emissions, and they have also prompted similar actions from our partners and competitors, increasing the multiplier effect.

Educational outreach is also part of this partnership, providing resources and support to local communities to help them understand and implement sustainable practices. Over 5,000 people were exposed to this program last year, raising awareness and taking action to protect the environment.

This partnership is built on a shared vision and commitment to measurable results. It is why it is at the heart of our CSR strategy. Not only does it help us achieve our environmental objectives, but it also strengthens our company's position as a pioneer in sustainable fuel management. It highlights how strategic partnerships can make a difference in business and community health.

Eliot Vancil, CEO, Fuel Logic

Boosting Non-Profit Reach with Digital Expertise

One partnership that has been incredibly successful in advancing our altruistic goals is our work with a local non-profit focused on providing educational resources to underserved children. Leveraging our digital marketing expertise, we revamped their website to be more user-friendly and mobile-responsive, resulting in a 35% increase in site traffic within three months.

We also implemented a comprehensive social proof strategy, utilizing testimonials from beneficiaries and volunteers, which led to a 40% rise in online donations. Additionally, our tailored email marketing campaign boosted volunteer sign-ups by 25%, driving more engagement and support for the organization’s educational initiatives.

The cumulative impact of these efforts not only helped the non-profit meet its fundraising goals but also expanded their outreach, allowing them to serve more children in need. This collaboration underscored the power of digital marketing in amplifying the reach and effectiveness of community-focused initiatives.

Joe Amaral, Founder and COO, Anthem Software

Promoting Literacy and Community Engagement

One partnership that has been particularly successful in advancing our altruistic goals at Frostbeard Studio is our collaboration with Ace in the City. This partnership aimed at promoting literacy through book drives, specifically the Back2School Bash event held in Powderhorn, Minneapolis. For this event, we worked closely with Ace in the City and Magers & Quinn Booksellers, resulting in the collection of hundreds of new, diverse books for K-8 students.

At the Back2School Bash, we didn't just donate candles; we actively participated in setting up the event space and engaging with the community. The event was an incredible success, seeing a 50% increase in book donations compared to previous years. This initiative not only provided essential resources to young students but also fostered a stronger sense of community and support for literacy in our neighborhood.

Additionally, our youth candle-making workshops with local organizations have been another impactful collaboration. These workshops teach kids the creative process and entrepreneurial challenges of a small retail business, culminating in a fundraising candle project. 

Participants created a "Southside" community-themed candle, with proceeds donated to local nonprofits. These workshops have empowered young students and raised hundreds of dollars for community causes, further underlining our commitment to making a positive difference.

Roxie Lubanovic, Co-Founder, Frostbeard Studio

Empowering Financial Literacy with Pro-Bono Services

A partnership that genuinely resonates is with a local non-profit focused on financial literacy for low-income families. We offered pro-bono SEO and content marketing services to revamp their website and create educational resources. This effort led to a significant increase in website traffic and user engagement.

It was incredibly rewarding to see more families empowered to manage their finances effectively. This collaboration advanced our altruistic goals and solidified our commitment to using digital marketing expertise for positive social impact. It demonstrated how our skills can drive meaningful change in the community, reinforcing our mission to give back.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

Rebuilding Community with FFA and Local Support

One successful partnership that stands out for me at Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) was our collaboration with the Panhandle Future Farmers of America (FFA) following the devastating Panhandle, Texas, fire. This partnership aimed not only to aid in the immediate recovery efforts but also to invest in the future of the local community and its agricultural heritage.

Following the fire, we assisted in raising funds and reconstructing essential community infrastructure, including a vital barn for the FFA. This facility was more than just a building; it served as a hub for educational activities and community gatherings. By working closely with local businesses, state agencies, and nonprofits, we successfully raised the funds needed and ensured the barn was rebuilt better than before, incorporating modern safety and resilience measures.

Our efforts extended beyond rebuilding physical structures. We facilitated disaster loan outreach centers in Borger, which were crucial in helping local businesses and individuals navigate the complex recovery process. These centers provided financial guidance and support, helping the community get back on its feet faster. This partnership highlighted the power of community resilience and underscored the importance of comprehensive recovery and preparedness strategies.

This collaboration not only aided in the physical recovery of the Panhandle community but also helped restore the spirit and future of the region. By focusing not just on immediate recovery but also on long-term resilience, we ensured that the community could rebuild stronger and more capable of facing future challenges.

Scott Friedson, CEO and Public Adjuster, Insurance Claim Recovery Support

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Digital Solutions

One partnership that has been particularly successful in advancing our altruistic goals at OneStop Northwest LLC was our collaboration with a local small-business incubator in Portland. This partnership aimed to support budding entrepreneurs by offering them comprehensive digital solutions at a reduced cost. Given my background in customer service and running my own company, I understood the unique challenges startups face and how crucial a strong digital presence is for their success.

We used Zoho's suite of integrated systems to streamline their operations. This included setting up Zoho Projects for project management, Zoho Meeting for remote consultations, and Zoho CRM to manage customer interactions efficiently. The results were impressive. One startup reported a 500% increase in productivity within the first six months, while another saw a 40% rise in customer retention rates thanks to improved follow-ups and customer service facilitated through Zoho CRM.

In addition, our social media strategies, tailored specifically for Portland's community vibes, helped these startups resonate better with their target audience. For example, one client leveraged our strategy to engage with local influencers and saw their social media engagement rate increase by 150%. These tangible outcomes not only advanced our altruistic goal of empowering local entrepreneurs but also reinforced the importance of a strong, integrated digital strategy for new businesses.

Dylan Cleppe, Co-Founder and CEO, OneStop Northwest LLC


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