Silver-Coloured Alloy Necklace + Cross Pendant with Faux-Diamond Rhinestones

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Silver-Coloured Alloy Necklace and Cross Pendant with Faux-Diamond Rhinestones | Birthday Gift | Christening Gift | Baptismal Gift | Wedding Gift | Confirmation Gift | Anniversary Gift | Valentine's Gift | Gift for Her | Gift for Family | Gift for Friends | Remembrance | Token | Keepsake | Christian Gift | Religious Gift | Add Your Own Personalised or Customised Message to Make It More Unique

Birthday, christening, baptism, confirmation, wedding, anniversary or Valentine's gift? Special occasion? Remembrance? Keepsake? Just because?

This eye-catching piece of jewellery can save the day and give you or that special someone a reason to smile. You can even choose an upgrade to add your own personalised or customised message to be printed on the eco-friendly, home-made box to make it more unique and truly your own, too. 


  • JUST RIGHT: A dainty yet elegant, eye-catching, rhinestone-studded cross pendant with an extendable silver-coloured necklace chain
  • READY-TO-GO: Packaged with a simple yet specially-crafted, home-made, earth-friendly box that could already double up as a gift prep and could be a life-saver for a time-constrained or busy person looking for a great yet affordable gifting idea
  • A DASH OF ECO: Comes to you through carbon neutral means and in eco-conscious packaging
  • ALSO AN AUSSIE THING: Ships from Australia from a local Australian seller
  • HAVE WHAT YOU LOVE: A design that’s close to your heart with 100% satisfaction guaranteed; love it or get your money back



  • A petite cross pendant with the following dimensions (length x width): 3.1 x 1.3 cm
  • The pendant is adorned by diamond-like clear rhinestones that catch and reflect light, and are brilliant enough to shine, sparkle and bedazzle without the pocket-crippling price tag
  • A silver-coloured alloy necklace chain with an extendable length from 44 cm to 51 cm

A LOVING GIFT: Add a splash of brightness, light, cheer, inspiration, motivation, and beauty to your or your gift recipient's day with this jewellery piece.

A DASH OF ECO: Because our planet deserves our love, this product strives for more sustainability. It comes to you through carbon neutral means. Where possible and applicable, we use recycled, biodegradable and other planet-friendly materials in preparing it on its way to you, such as the world's first biodegradable packaging tape, biodegradable mailers, eco-friendly bubble wraps as well as eco-conscious kraft boxes, tapes and stickers to name a few.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Get this loving jewellery piece and pay it forward, too.

HAVE WHAT YOU LOVE: It has a design that’s close to your heart and friendlier to your pocket. Your 100% satisfaction is also guaranteed. If there are issues with it, send us a message and we will exhaust reasonable means and the product price in mind to make things right to your heart’s content.


This jewellery piece is A TOKEN

It is meant to be a simple yet still heartfelt keepsake for that special thought or moment.

It needs special care to last longer and those with sensitive skin may reconsider this option, yet it is best meant to express a thoughtful message or as a reminder of that noteworthy time in your or a special someone's life.

Please continue reading to know what this means for you, and how this piece compares to our other collection items.



For transparency and clarity purposes as well as for your convenience and peace of mind, we have organised our jewellery pieces into collections depending on their intended use, purpose, appearance, quality and value for you or your gift recipient. 

Please read this portion thoroughly, along with the rest of this entire product description before you make a decision to purchase this jewellery item.

Here are the collections and what they include, arranged from most valuable to the least pricey pieces.


  • This piece is crafted to last and be loved perhaps more than a lifetime.
  • It belongs to our most premium, highly valuable collection of jewellery items.
  • Pieces from this collection normally has the highest resale value among other pieces we have in our store.
  • Examples include solid gold or silver pieces, real diamonds or real gemstone pieces, and the like.


  • This piece belongs to a collection of lasting and precious finds, which are meant for keeps.
  • It normally has a relatively higher resale value than most ones in our store. 
  • Examples include gold-filled or 925 silver-filled pieces.


  • This jewellery piece is made to be chosen and cared for so dearly.
  • It still has a relatively high quality, although it needs more care than the previous collections' items.
  • Examples include gold-plated or 925 silver-plated pieces.


  • This jewellery piece is meant to be a simple yet still heartfelt keepsake for that special thought or moment.
  • It needs special care to last longer and those with sensitive skin may reconsider this option. Yet it is best to express a thoughtful message or as a reminder of that noteworthy time in your or a special someone's life.
  • Examples include gold or silver coloured alloy jewellery pieces.


  • This jewellery is a delicate yet eye-catching piece for that one extra-special occasion.
  • Glam up and stay in without the high price tag with this visually-appealing piece.
  • This may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • Examples include statement or glamour jewellery pieces.



You may be wondering what the difference between a coloured, plated, filled or solid jewellery piece is. Here's our way of explaining the nuances:

  • A silver coloured or gold coloured jewellery piece has the silver or gold colour.
  • A silver plated or gold plated jewellery piece has a thin plating of silver or gold on its outer layer. 
  • A 925 silver plated jewellery piece has an outer layer of 925 silver. It doesn't have a 925 or similar stamp.
  • A silver filled or gold filled jewellery piece has a substantial amount of silver or gold, mostly on its outer layer, but not as much as that found in solid silver or gold pieces.
  • A 925 silver filled jewellery piece has 92.5 percent of pure (99.9%) silver plus 7.5% of alloy (usually copper). Note that pure silver on its own is fluid and, thus, it's normally mixed with an alloy to make it more durable and wearable. A 925 or similar stamp is a usual mark of its authenticity. 925 silver jewellery pieces are also prone to tarnishing.
  • A solid silver or solid gold jewellery piece has the maximum amount of silver or gold, based on acceptable standards.



The inner portion of the home-made box cover flap for this item contains a message. You could choose to have your own message printed instead, for a small extra cost.

If you choose personalisation:

  • Send us your TEXT thru the designated "Message to Seller" box when checking out, or via email ( after you have placed your order. 
  • Maximum number of characters is 50, including the spaces in between.
  • Indicate the text and alignment style for each line. For example: Line 1 - Dear Mary, (align left); Line 2 - Happy birthday! (align centre); Line 3 - From June (align right). If you don't specify any alignment, we will format your text the way we think it should be.
  • If you have a preferred font (example: Arial, Times Roman, etc.), please include it in your message. If you don't specify the font type, we will format your text using our default font.
  • We will send you a mock-up of your text. If we don't receive a response from you within the day we sent the mock-up, we will print your text as it is.