Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Certified, Orange/Yellow

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Brand: Senda Athletics

Color: Orange/Yellow


  • Best-in-class beach soccer ball featuring a 6-panel design and soft PU cover for improved barefoot play
  • Hi-tech machine stitched construction for tighter and stronger seams with a 5mm foam backing for softer touch
  • Rubber bladder for extended air retention
  • Fair Trade guarantees improved working conditions for producers, better livelihoods for their communities, and no child labor
  • 1 year shape and construction warranty. Ball ships deflated.

Details: The Fair Trade Certified, Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball is designed with 6 large water resistant panels which provide a soft, abrasion resistant ball. By minimizing the number of panels, it allows for better impact with barefoot play. When these panels are sewn together and inflated it makes a near perfect sphere. Each hi-tech machine stitched panel provides tighter, stronger, more consistent seams, and extends durability with higher performance. The Senda Playa Beach soccer ball is PVC free made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) with 5mm foam backing, which makes for a softer and livelier ball. It features a rubber bladder which provides extended air retention. All Senda balls are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring ball producers meet social, economic and environmental criteria. This includes guaranteeing all workers in the supply chain receive at least the national minimum wage, that there is no child labor involved in production and that the health and safety of workers is safeguarded. Senda's mission is to make high-quality, Fair Trade soccer balls that connect and benefit athletes, and to support grassroots organizations that use soccer as a vehicle for change to improve lives in the United States and abroad.