Organic Cotton 300 TC Luxury Personal Travel Sheet

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| with Lavender Sachet Included, Travel Whyte Travel Bed Sheet Fair Trade Certified 


  • The First & Only Organic, FairTrade certified travel sheet. We pay farmers twice the industry standard. Ethically made, sustainably sourced.
  • Highest quality, luxury 300 TC Sateen Weave Organic Cotton Sheets. Long lasting, organic cotton sheets, super soft to the touch, light weight and breathable.
  • Your Newest Travel Essential for Peace of mind when laying in a bed that isn’t your own. Size: 84'“ x 36”
  • Lavender Fields Sachet included for the pillow pocket. Relaxing, soothing scent for a better sleep experience
  • Compact and lightweight: 16 oz, easily fits in carry-on or suitcase.

Release Date: 09-5-2019

Details: Comfort is everything, especially when you travel. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, Travel Whyte Personal Travel Sheets will help make any bed more like your own. I've been in your shoes - being grossed out by hotel beds, searching for a sheet that was soft and luxurious like my bed sheets, and wondering am I buying the right one? I created Travel Whyte Travel Sheets to solve these issues being the ONLY Organic, FairTrade Certified Cotton, luxury travel sheet out there. Travel Whyte Personal Travel sheets - Your newest travel essential. Take our personal travel sheet with you on your next trip around the world, your next work trip, on a long flight, a spontaneous weekend trip, or to quickly make your couch a bed for a friend who is staying overnight. Easy to pack and re-pack, it provides you peace of mind when sleeping in a bed that isn't your own. Designed: Hoboken, NJ made: India fabric: 100% organic, fairtrade cotton weave: 300 TC sateen color: white Care: machine wash, tumble dry Size: 84'“ x 36” weight: 16 oz We proudly use organic, fairtrade, certified cotton.