Nokia 2720 Flip 4G (Official Australian Version) 2019 Unlocked Basic Mobile Phone with Social Apps, Emergency Button, 28 Days Battery Standby and Google Assistant, Ocean Black

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Color: Ocean Black


  • [Official Nokia Product] with the quality and reliability you expect from Nokia.
  • [Social Apps and Wi-Fi Hotspot] preloaded with Facebook and WhatsApp for more ways to keep in touch (other apps available to download). Or share your 4G connectivity across devices via Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • [Emergency Button and ICE] for extra peace of mind. Pressing the button sends a text and calls five emergency contacts. For additional support it also includes ICE for first responders.
  • [External and internal display] as well as large buttons and text, allowing you to easily send/read messages. You can even ask your Google Assistant for help from setting reminders to making calls.
  • [Up to 28 days battery standby] from a single charge. Nokia 2720 Flip is truly a phone you can rely on, thanks to its long-lasting battery.

Release Date: 11-8-2019

Details: It's the classic flip phone with modern features: introducing Nokia 2720 Flip, featuring an outer screen for checking caller ID and an inner 2.8" display. Inside and out, Nokia 2720 Flip is made to last, with up to 28 days of standby time, social apps and a tough polycarbonate body. The easy-to-press emergency button can be set up to either call an emergency contact or access the Google Assistant.