Noah's Quest by Sev Emanuel Pretila

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TITLE: Noah's Quest

AUTHOR: Sev Emanuel Pretila

GENRE: Children's Fiction; Chapter Book for Kids; Fantasy; Juvenile Fiction; Adventure Fiction; Children's Book on Values

PAGES: 83 pages


ISBN 978-0-6452727-1-0 (Paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0-6452727-2-7 (Hardcover edition)

FIRST PUBLISHED: 21 August 2021



In a strange land where magic is found everywhere, peace and balance prevail until a king and a queen become corrupted by their thirst for power and begin to threaten it all. This leads a young boy to a quest.

Is he really the one who could save everything and everyone from the chaos? What is his true purpose and importance? How could he face and conquer overwhelming challenges?



"The book is simply wonderful! The work is well thought out, easy to follow, and pulls the reader along … into the fray of wonder. In any event, I can easily crown his work with the ultimate five stars."

- Priscilla Shuler, Author of Kuimba and 6 other books


"Noah’s Quest is about an ordinary child doing extraordinary things. Noah’s curiosity consistently scores the winning goal, triumphing the desire to merely sit and wait. 

One of the fascinating aspects about the book is children can learn several virtues while experiencing adventures of a lifetime in a fantasy world. They interact with magical creatures such as flying unicorns, dragons, and Pegasus. What is more effective than letting the imagination of children run wild while inculcating lessons? On top of all this, the descriptions were so vivid that one’s senses are immediately captured. What I liked most about the book is that it seeks to teach children critical values. The illustrations were vibrant and delightful. I heartily rate it four out of four stars."

- Here's the link to the full Official Review.



Sev Emanuel Pretila was only eleven when he wrote the original version of this book, which he initially called "Nandi's Quest." The manuscript would have remained hidden until his baby brother was born, and inspired everyone in the family to finally share it to the world.


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