Noah's Quest™ Collection: Customisable Noah's Friend Tote Bag | Add Your Name

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This cotton canvas tote bag is the ideal grab & go accessory. Made of 100% cotton, it features long, reinforced shoulder straps for exceptional comfort. This customizable, 42cm x 42cm tote fits right in with any style.With a design created by MxA Canvas for their Art for the Homeless fundraiser, a portion of the proceeds goes to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters, so you are making a difference and paying it forward too. 

Make it more unique and special when you add your own name or your gift recipient's.

.: 100% cotton canvas
.: Medium-heavy fabric (9.44 oz/yd² (320 g/m²))
.: Reinforced shoulder straps
.: One size


A minimum of 5% of the gross sales from this product goes to help feed the hungry or another charitable cause.