Ivy's Selection Certified Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

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Bread Bag and Canvas Tote Bag, 9 Pcs 

Brand: Ivy's Selection

Color: White


  • 9-PIECE COTTON GROCERY BAG SET - Here's an easier way to protect the environment on your weekly shop! Bags are made from certified organic cotton and perfectly designed to hold your groceries. Set includes 6 x cotton mesh bags: 2 small (20x25cm), 2 medium (25x30cm) and 2 large (30x38cm), 2 bread bags, 1 canvas tote
  • COMBAT PLASTIC BAG USE - Next time you unconsciously reach for the store's plastic bags, stop and take out your reusable produce bags instead! High-quality, lightweight and washable with drawstring ties, they're a breeze to carry and use
  • MAINTAIN FOOD FRESHNESS - The different sizes of mesh bags can hold a variety of fruit and veg. The organic cotton bread bags are longer than average to accommodate larger loaves. Your food will stay fresh from store to plate!
  • CARRY IT ALL IN A ROOMY TOTE - Made from strong organic canvas, the tote is a shopper's BFF. It has 6 deep, open pockets inside for effortless organisation of tins and bottles of varying sizes. The neutral design makes it a great beach bag too!
  • UPHOLD YOUR ECO VALUES WITH EASE - Until supermarkets wake up to the plastic problem, lead the way with your cotton mesh bags! Simply add this set to your cart and you can shop with a clean conscience

Release Date: 08-4-2019

Details: It's time to take action against plastic waste - even on your weekly shop! This 9-piece set of cotton mesh bags makes it easy to help the planet while carrying your food and preserving its freshness. The set includes strong but lightweight mesh tote bags of assorted sizes with drawstring closures. Each washable cotton mesh bag holds fruit, vegetables, bread and more. The canvas tote bag eco friendly design is ideal for bottles and cans and doubles as an everyday bag or office tote too! To live an eco lifestyle without compromising on convenience, scroll up and make your purchase in time for your next shopping trip.

Package Dimensions: 0.9 x 0.3 x 1.1 inches