Headphone Stand Hanger, Proxima Direct Headset Holder Under Desk Mount Hook Hanger for All Size Wired Wireless Headphone/Gaming Headphone Earphone, Black (1 Pack)

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Brand: Proxima Direct


  • Compatible: Our headphone stand supports headphones of all size wired wireless headphone / gaming headphone earphone such as Sennheiser 202 II HD598 HD 650 HD700, Dre Beats Beats Solo, Koss PortaPro, Sony MDR7506, Philips, AKG K612, Bose QC15, Hyper X Cloud II's, Astro A50's, AT M50's, and TB 420x, Audio-Technica, etc.
  • High Quality: Headphone stand is made of high-quality acrylic, with high toughness and fall resistance. Smooth edge design keep headphone safe from scratching and dropping.
  • Holds Ultra-Securely: Smooth edge keep headset safe, super high quality adhesive uses. Each headphone hanger has 2 tapes attached and instruction.
  • Simple & Useful: It keeps your headphones away from spills, crushing and scratching
  • Great for your headphone: This headset stand with unique and stylish design; great for home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV