Australia Only Promo: Custom Shirt | Personalised Shirt | Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt | Eco Fabric | Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified Blank

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The price already includes FREE DELIVERY to most countries, with eco-friendly, zero-carbon emission and money-back guarantee. It excludes import/customs taxes charged by destination country, if any. Delivery duration depends on the product and the recipient's address. View our Shipping Policy for more delivery information. Discount codes are available in our Promotions page. 15% to 50% of gross profit from the sale of our featured products go to a charitable or similar cause. Make a difference with this gift.

Make an eco-friendly choice with this genuine plain classic Hanes® t-shirt. Make it more special when you add your own slogan, text, logo, photo, image or design too.


Through it all, the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified shirt means that it has been tested and has been certified not to have any harmful substances. The certification also stands for high standards that makes this shirt not only visually-appealing and comfy but also a safer (if not the safest) fabric option. 

    • European-style neckline and famous fit
    • With side seams for contoured fit
    • Taped neck for comfort
    • Double-needle stitched sleeves and hems
    • 185 gsm 100% deluxe pre-shrunk ring-spun cotton
    • Environmentally-sound manufacturing process
    • No harmful substances
    • Check measurements for more accurate sizing.
    • Available in several colours.
    • Note that the pictures are for visualisation or representation purposes only. Kindly allow 1 to 3 % discrepancy in sizing as well as colour difference between monitor versus actual item appearance.


    • Have the look and vibe you want with a design that's closer to your or your gift recipient's heart and a bit earth-friendlier too.
    • The design is printed using a continuous ink supply system that's economical as well as sustainable.  
    • It is printed on demand, so there's less wastage or overuse of earth's resources.
    • Wash the shirt 24 hours after receiving it and before your first use or wear.
    • To make the design last longer: Machine wash with temperature of 30 to 40 degree Celsius is recommended. Do not use aggressive washing detergents or bleach of any kind. Do not tumble dry. Iron only on the reverse side.


  • Choose from our existing designs or opt to add your own text, logo, picture, image or design.
  • If you choose to CUSTOMISE YOUR SHIRT:
    • Place your order.
    • Email us via with your preferred design's file. A high resolution file is best so that the print quality is better. A low resolution file will result to a blurred output printout.
    • After receiving your email, we will reply with a mockup of the design you sent.
    • Once you have approved the mockup of your design, we will then dispatch your custom item for delivery to your nominated shipping address when you checked out and paid for your item.


  • This eco-friendly shirt not only comes with free shipping but also through carbon-neutral delivery. 
  • Pay it forward when you buy this shirt. We donate 5% to 20% of gross sales (or 15% to 50% of gross profit) to a charitable cause.