Cheesecloth for Straining - Certified Organic Cotton

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- Fine Reusable Unbleached Cooking Filter (Large Cut 1.5m x 1.0m) 

Brand: Country Trading Co.

Color: Unbleached Cotton


  • GENEROUS PACK SIZE 1.5m x 1m - No need to double layer like thinner grade 90 - cut to smaller sizes for your needs. Fine draining but strong for easy washing and reuse.
  • FOOD SAFE ORGANICALLY GROWN AND WOVEN COTTON – Certified Organic cotton – free from bleach, child labour, and chemical sizing this natural food grade fabric is good for the environment and your home so you can strain your food with confidence
  • ULTRAFINE WEAVE FOR BEVERAGES - Perfect for filtering cold brew coffee, straining almond and nut milk bags, covering kombucha tea, brewing craft beer, and fermented drinks
  • EXTENSIVELY TESTED FOR DAIRY & VEGAN CHEESEMAKING & YOGHURT - Slow draining for excellent Greek yoghurt, straining curds, cloth bound cheddar, lining tofu press, vegan, Feta and Labneh cheese making with a non-stick weave that is easier to clean and more durable than butter muslin
  • EASY TO CLEAN, REUSABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE - Achieve your plastic-free, zero waste goals with this reusable organic cotton fabric for cleaning and cooking. Multi-use around the home for basting poultry, fine polishing wood and glass, with food grade tight weave for preserving, home brew, jelly making, spice and bouquet garni bags

Details: Large 1.5m x 1.0m Certified Organic Cheesecloth - Perfect for: Draining cheese curd Filtering bone broth Straining nut milk Making Greek yogurt Filtering Cold Brew Coffee Fruit jellies and preserves Kombucha and Craft Beer What Makes Our Cloth Special?