Boxed Pack of 24 Happy Birthday Greeting Cards with Envelopes

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6 Elegant and Fun Designs, 4 Cards of Each Design, 15cm by 10cm Cards 

Brand: Paperina

Color: Multicoloured


  • Stylish Designs that are suitable for all your personal and business needs
  • Blank inside so you can write your own custom message
  • High quality cards printed on 250gsm card paper stock for elegance and durability
  • Stock up so that you always have a suitable card for birthdays
  • Each card is 15cm by 10cm with a corresponding v flap envelope

Details: This boxed set of 24 Happy Birthday cards provides a good value and practical way to be prepared for all your birthday card needs. The cards are designed to suit all your personal and corporate requirements. The cards are elegant and fun, made from high quality card stock making them the perfect cards for any birthday.