White Hemmed Pillowcase Set (2 Pack)

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Boll and Branch Standard Size Luxury Fair Trade & GOTS Certified Single Ply Long Staple Organic Cotton 

Color: Solid White


  • ULTRASOFT FEEL - Lay your head down on the softest material imaginable. Our Signature Soft Pillowcase Sets are made with a "four-over, one-under" weave on the loom that creates a flexible, drapey fabric with the soft and cozy feel that Boll & Branch has become known for.
  • HEIRLOOM QUALITY - These pillowcases are designed to last, and only get softer and more comfortable with each wash.
  • 100% GOTS-CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - The highest certification in organic cotton farming and production means these pillowcases were made without the skin-irritating chemicals or toxic dyes found in conventional cotton. Fabric this pure is the very best thing to have next to your skin for eight hours a night.
  • LONG STAPLE COTTON - Our pillowcases start with the highest quality organic cotton yarns available. The length of cotton fiber, or its "staple," says a lot about the quality of the cotton; we use the longest staple available in organic cotton.
  • 300 THREAD COUNT OF SINGLE-PLY FINE COTTON - Ply-the number of yarns in each thread in a given piece of fabric-is often a better indicator of the quality of bedding than thread count. (Manufacturers of cheap sheets inflate their thread counts by using cheaper multi-ply yarns.) We use a single-ply of fine organic cotton thread and weave it into a 300 thread count to achieve sumptuously soft and drapey fabric for our sheets and pillowcases.

Details: Heirloom-quality bedding that only get softer and more comfortable with time. What makes Boll & Branch pillowcases so special? Quality yarns made of single-ply, long-staple organic cotton yield maximum durability and softness. The smooth, sumptuous weave is the perfect density for year-round comfort, with a lightweight, lustrous drape. An eight-step finishing process that includes buffing and heating the fabric makes the fabric extra soft and durable. A seven-inch hem lends the classic pillowcases a modern touch. The GOTS-certified organic cotton guarantees the pillowcases are made of the purest nontoxic materials and gentlest dyes that are safe for you and your family. No skin-irritating chemicals ever. Boll & Branch creates simply exceptional products for your home-all ethically made, sustainably sourced, and grounded in quality, down to the last stitch.