BAGSMART Travel Electronic Accessories Bag, Cable Tidy Storage Pouch Small for USB Sticks, Charging Cable, Powerbank, SD Cards, Drive Shuttle, Black

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Color: Black


  • Plenty of Storage Space - 7 sections with 12 elastic loops for storing cords, flash disk and etc, 2 zip pouches can fit portable external hard drives, 3 card slots for 4mm SIM, TF, and SD cards
  • Tidy - versatile electronics accessories organizer to save you minutes of rummaging every day and make you feel a lot more organized, and keep your important devices in reach
  • Secure - Made of durable and water repellent nylon molded case protects your item from scratches, dust, and accidental dropping
  • Handy - Dimensions: [Outer] 6.3'' x 9.5'' x 1'' [Inner] 6.1'' x 8.5'' x 0.8'', slim size is easy to carry and fits easily and neatly into any backpack or handbags
  • For Travelling - Great Organizer for office use and traveling, ideal for commuters, travelers and businessmen (No include cords, electronic accessories)

Details: Organizing is Now a Snap With BAGSMART Cable Bag Why not use the electronic accessories organizer? Large quantity of cables? Lots of small PC accessories? Taking so much time to deal with them when you are on holiday? Always swimming around your bag? Not a problem anymore! What you can expect from BAGSMART travel bag? water-resistant exterior protect its contents Double zipper opening for easy and immediate access mesh pockets allow you to easily find what you need 3 SD card pouches to prevent your small SD card missing different size elastic bands hold multiple sizes cables separately and securely Thick foam padding protects your gear while still being lightweight for travel Compact enough to easily fit it in your carry-on bag Never Miss A Thing, Your Great Partner for Travel. Easy to Pack ​Portable, compact and ultra-lightweight. A good size allow you to grab it and go or just throw it into your everyday backpack, laptop bag, briefcase or suitcase. Travel Smarter ​Ideal for traveling with a host of small accessories, the cable Bag keeps everything neat and organized without cords getting tangled or damaged. Great Companion ​A compact bag for daily life, work life and leisure. With this you could see all your electronic accessories at one glance without dumping out a pouch to look through.