French Vintage Shabby Chic Style | Hand Finished Mint Wall Art 300x200x30mm

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Transform your space with wall art. Brighten up your day with floral or botanical themed pieces. Subdued pastel colours are a touch of subtlety but with the svelte and aesthetic appeal to make that visually-endearing difference. The hand-applied finishing touches make this piece look aged and primed by time for that vintage Shabby Chic or French Provincial look.


*Dimensions: Refer to product name/title
*Style/Theme: Floral/botanical, vintage, French provincial, shabby chic, pastels
*Use: Suitable for most rooms
*Material: Stretched (not rolled) gallery-wrapped canvas print and only needs screw/hook as it is ready-to-hang
*Hand-finished: Yes
*There might be some slight variations between the photos and actual items.
*Please expect a 1cm to 3cm discrepancy between listed and actual item sizes.