Love Others and Our Planet: Fairtrade and Organic Gifts

Choose to be ethical and eco-friendly. You'll do so when you buy from this collection of fairtrade and organic products.

You know what? The price already includes free earth-friendly, zero-carbon delivery to certain locations and a money-back guarantee as well.

Plus, get a 10% discount and make a difference when you use one of the following codes on checkout:

* GODISGOOD - 5% of gross sales will help fund a laptop for a student who needs it most.

* SOLPAJALLA400 - 5% of gross sales will help fund a laptop for a family with students who will greatly benefit from it.

* MXACANVAS - 5% of gross sales will help fund MXA Canvas' Art for the Homeless fundraising drive.

Note that, regardless of the discount code you use, 5% of the gross sales (or a minimum of 15% of gross profit) from this collection goes to help feed the hungry through Pledgeling Foundation. Here's more information on what we have done so far.

Learn more about our Feed the Hungry Initiative

Learn more about the other ways we make a difference

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