The Linen Press Designer Canvas Shopping Tote Bag Gift Set with Matching Purse

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– Australian Certified Organic Cotton – Blue Wren Design with Gorgeous Embroidery 


  • 💚 MADE FROM AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON. Quality unbleached fabric screen printed using water-based ink.
  • 🦜 FEATURING STUNNING EMBROIDERY OF AUSTRALIAN FAIRY WRENS. Designed by talented local artisans of The Linen Press Australia and manufactured in India.
  • 🛍️ A LARGE CAPACITY makes our Blue Wren Tote Bag versatile and USEFUL FOR MANY PURPOSES. The elegant little Blue Wren Purse fits snugly in your hand.
  • 🎁 EXCELLENT AS A GIFT. Practical and casual, yet stylish. Its natural grassland landscape and gorgeous embroidery are sure to please. Bundled as a gift and cross-tied with twine.
  • 👍🏻 YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL. Our Blue Wren Tote Bag and Purse set comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with it for whatever reason, return it to us for a refund or a replacement within 30 days.

Details: OUR BLUE WREN TOTE BAG AND PURSE GIFT SET makes a beautiful, practical and timeless gift for friends, family or co-workers for occasions like birthdays, thank-you gifts or Valentine. You may like one for yourself too. Because it comes with a natural grassland design depicting nature, it is generally appealing to most people. No loud or garish colours. Standing out from the natural brown grassland is the gorgeous embroidery of Australian fairy wrens. On the Tote Bag are two wrens, the striking blue male and the less glitzy brown female on both sides of the bag. On the Purse, you will see only the blue wren. Both items are made from quality unbleached organic cotton fabric. The TOTE BAG measures 40cm (width) x 43cm (height, excluding handles) with a bottom and side gusset of 11cm. Some of its features are: - GENEROUS CAPACITY. Allows you to carry lots of stuff. - SOFT COTTON FABRIC. Nothing harsh that rubs again your skin or clothes. - DURABLE. The bag’s handles are part of the same piece of material as the bag itself, not sewn separately onto the bag. Both sides of the bag come with inner lining. - FOLDABLE. Easy to store away when not in use. - MANY USES such as: -- for GENERAL OR GROCERY SHOPPING. Join millions of Australians choosing to refuse the use of single-use plastic bags. -- as a BABY BAG to carry baby’s essentials like diapers, spare clothes and toys. -- for the GYM or SPORTS. Keep a towel, shower items, clothes and water bottle. -- for the BEACH or a PICNIC -- for hand-carry luggage when TRAVELING -- for students to use as a LIBRARY BAG or for MUSIC and DANCE lessons The PURSE WITH ZIP measures 10cm x 16cm. Use it to keep money, cards, keys and other small personal items.