Perrassi Kids - Bamboo Baby Bandana Bibs - 5 pack of Boys and Girls

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- Unisex - Absorbent – Drool – Teething – Food – Dribble Bib, 100% Certified Organic Cotton - Funky and Cool Design - Perrassi Kids – Great for gifts 


  • WHY BAMBOO? - Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and SUSTAINABLE plants in the world, yielding 10 times more material per acre than conventional cotton. NO pesticides, NO fertiliser needed due to its ANTI-MICROBIAL properties called “Bamboo Kun”, resulting in NO chemical run off into the soil and water systems. NO irrigation required; it needs 1/3 less water to grow compared to cotton.
  • BENEFITS OF BAMBOO FABRIC - One of the SOFTEST fabrics in the world. It’s HYPOALERGENIC. Its very ABSORBANT. Its fibres are STRONGER meaning the fabric lasts longer and keeps its shape better. UV RESISTANT. Bamboo fabric offers BUILT-IN TEMPERATURE CONTROL. It keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in summer. Bamboo fabric has some ANTIBACTERIAL properties, This helps to reduce bacteria that thrive and cause unpleasant odours. Excellent WICKING ability, meaning it dries quickly.
  • TOP SIDE – 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with cool and funky designs ideal for both boys and girls. Extra fabric around the neck area to ensure a snug fit around the chin to prevent drool/dribble and other mess to ooze down the neck behind the bib. Very absorbent.
  • BACK SIDE – Bamboo viscose @190 GSM giving a beautifully luxurious smooth soft feel to the touch with all the awesome benefits of Bamboo.
  • PRACTICALITY AND CARE - The press studs allow 3 different sizes. Compared to Velcro, these are not easy for your bub to tear off. Easily washed and can be tumble dried. It also naturally dries quicker due to bamboo’s wicking properties. NO polyester, therefore it does NOT shrink and is Non-flammable. As washing tests have proved that even after months of washing, the colour, shape and softness in retained.

Details: This 5 pack of Unisex baby bandana bibs are perfect for your baby. They are durable and last the test of time wash after wash keeping their shape, absorbency and softness. The designs are very cool and they can be used around the house and whilst you are out and about. The colours work great on both boys and girls of all skin types and colours. We have put a lot of time, effort and research to making sure we have the best bibs on the market. We hope you think so too. We have already had great comments for mums during our testing phase, like... 'They still look good after 5 months of washing'. 'They dry so quickly'. 'I love the press studs, my baby can't rip them off easily'. 'I love how they are a little larger, it covers the chest and belly. The bib is also long enough so I can also use the tip to wipe his mouth.' 'I can't believe how soft the bamboo fleece is!' 'They are so much better than..... (most of the ones available in the shops)'. Product Guarantee: We are proud of bibs and we believe you will love them too, but if for some reason they do not live up to your expectations or there is defect with your bibs please contact us and we will be more than have to issue you with another set free of charge or your money back. Please message us and we will sort it out ASAP.