Custom Drawstring Bag - 9 Colours | Add Your Own Text or Logo

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  • JUST RIGHT: A drawstring bag to carry your must-haves to school, the gym or where and when it matters.
  • A DASH OF ECO: Comes to you through carbon neutral shipping; we offset your order's entire carbon footprint
  • HAVE WHAT YOU LOVE: We will print for you the design that’s close to your heart with 100% satisfaction guaranteed; love it or get your money back
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Water resistant fabric
  • 33 x 45 cm (width x height)


 1. Elasticised Print

  • Best and most affordable print option for detailed, full-coloured, spot-printed designs
  • For light-coloured fabric, the print has a plastic-like, shiny feel and a transparent background noticeable only when the viewer is too close to see
  • For dark-coloured fabric, the white elastic may show on the borders/sides where the design has been cut
  • Needs special care
  • Number of washes (lifetime): 6 or more with the right care
2. Vinyl Print
  • Best for single-coloured short texts of up to 10 characters including spaces or simple spot-printed designs
  • Also has a plastic-like feel
  • Longer-lasting than elastic
  • Number of washes (lifetime): 20 or more with the right care
3. Sublimated Print
  • Available for dark-coloured designs on light-coloured fabric only
  • Smooth, borderless, longer-lasting
  • Number of washes (lifetime): 20 or more with the right care

 ***The maximum print area is A4 (210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 in) for all print types.