Make it More Special: Customised or Personalised Gifts

What could be more unique than a customised or personalised gift like this item? 

Add your own logo, text, image, or a combination thereof, and your loving gift will be made to suit whatever you or your gift recipient is fond of.



Step 1: Choose your preferred option/s and quantity then ADD TO CART.

Step 2: CHECKOUT when you're ready and follow the prompts. 

Step 3: Choose "Other" as your payment method if you have a special request. You still won't be charged in this case, and you'd receive a customised invoice with payment instructions.

Otherwise, COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE via our wide range of payment options. Make sure you check our Promotions page for available discount codes that you can choose for your purchase.

Step 4: Send your preferred design file as well as other request details to with your order number as the email's SUBJECT.

White is the default colour for this item; tell us your preferred colour and we will look for the closest suitable one for you.

Step 5: We will send you the mock-up of your design. We will consider it to be approved if we have not heard back from you within 24 hours of us sending you the mock-up. 

Step 6: Step back, relax, and wait while we do the rest of the process for you.

Do a good deed today

You know what? The price already includes free earth-friendly, zero-carbon delivery to certain locations and a money-back guarantee. Your purchase is 100% carbon-neutral as well!

Plus, get a 10% discount and make a difference when you use one of the following codes on checkout:

*PISOMULASAPUSO - 5% of gross sales will help a small local community affected by a series of natural calamities. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

*TARABANGANTABAN - 5% of gross sales will help fund the solar lighting project for a remote community. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

* MXACANVAS - 5% of gross sales will help fund MXA Canvas' Art for the Homeless fundraising drive. View their designs and product collection.

* GODISGOOD - 5% of gross sales will help fund a laptop for a student who needs it most. 


Note that, regardless of whether or not you use the above discount code, 5% of the gross sales (or a minimum of 15% of gross profit) from this collection still goes to help feed the hungry through Pledgeling Foundation. Here's more information on what we have done so far.

Learn more about our Feed the Hungry Initiative

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